Title: Sick
Pairing(s): HyukMin
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Rating(s): PG; 439 words
Summary: In which Sungmin is sick and Hyukjae comforts him.
Author's Note: Inspired by 191013 SMTown Beijing fanaccounts (and pictures) where Sungmin whispered into Hyukjae's ear during their introduction. You can't imagine my joy at that... Though I hope he gets well soon. :/

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Of Hesitations and Uncertainties

Title: Of Hesitations and Uncertainties
Pairing(s): HyukMin
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Rating(s): PG; 2131 words
Summary: In which Hyukjae and Sungmin are idiots... Idiots who are hopelessly in love with their best friend.
Author's Note: Inspired by this. Unbetaed, and I think I've lost my touch on writing fics.. =/ Oh well.. But for once I've exceeded the 2k wordcount for HyukMin! You can't imagine my joy.

Anyway... Enjoy! ^^

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Obvious Affections

Title: Obvious Affections
Pairing(s): HyukMin
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Rating(s): PG; 378 words
Summary: Hyukjae worries about their obvious affections towards each other in front of the cameras.
Author's Note: Inspired by High Society with Super Junior. Honestly, it made my day... and fueled my desire for fluff. Be warned though, it's unbeta-ed and I took only 18 minutes to write this drabble. =/ And it's extreme cheesy fluff at it's fullest. =x I can't help it.

It can be a sequel to this or it can be a standalone. It's up to you since it doesn't make much of a difference. ^^


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Forever and Always

Title: Forever and Always
Pairing(s): YeMin
Genre: Angst, Romance, Drama
Rating(s): PG; 2,783 words
Summary: Yesung met with an unfortunate accident.
Author's Note: Plot is not mine. I just wanted a YeMin fic especially since they seem to be non-existent now and well, YeMin should have their version of Forever and Always. So yeah.. this is a song fic, adapted from.. well, a song. Lol. XD
It's encouraged to listen to Forever and Always - Parachute when reading~ ^^

P.S. Another reason for angst - I'm sad over the fact that KyuMin is no longer roommates. =[ No more "my roommateeee~" now. D;

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Boyfriend and Fanservice

Title: Boyfriend and Fanservice
Pairing(s): HyukMin, bestfriends!HaeHyuk
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Rating(s): PG; 806 words
Summary: Hyukjae is unhappy with Sungmin's choice.
Author's Note: I'm super happy I finally wrote HyukMin based on the Malaysia Showcase. Honestly, I wanted to write a similar fic about the same question during their Taiwan longstay, but I procrastinated and then the muse flew away. Oh well. Next time, maybe.

Hope this fic is enjoyable ^^

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Title: Friends
Pairing(s): HaeHyuk
Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama
Rating(s): PG; 2,102 words
Summary: Donghae gets tired of their relationship and breaks it off. Hyukjae pretends it's okay.
Author's Note: Unbeta-ed. Haven't written in such a long time.. I feel as if my flair is not there anymore. Hmm. Not quite happy with this either. Feel free to comment about it though ^^

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Emotionally drained

I thought I would be strong enough to handle reality, especially since I've known it myself for sometime and had seem to accept it. How wrong I was ..

Today was emotionally taxing. Cried four times. I think I broke my record of crying in a day that didn't have anything to do with what I was watching or reading, but because of reality.

At the same time, I've realised that maybe the friends I've called "close friends" .. Isn't exactly that , while the friends that I've called "friends" are worth more than that..

Lol, it's like a double blow to me to know this.

Was super emotional today . Oh well, it can't be helped..

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The Unique Retail Store

Title: The Unique Retail Store
Pairing(s): HyukMin, bestfriends!HaeHyuk
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Rating(s): PG; 871 words
Summary: Hyukjae has a crush on a regular customer who comes every Thursday.
Author's Note: This is such a fail!fic. >< I don't know what I was thinking, LOL. Quite cheesy and cliche, really. Written this quite long ago.. On 21 December 2011. LOL.

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Never Gone

Title: Never Gone
Pairing(s): past!HenMin, HyukMin
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating(s): PG; 1475 words
Warning(s): dead!Henry
Summary: When Sungmin loses himself in sadness, he temporarily forgets that Hyukjae will always be with him.
Author's Note: Written for xdespondence for the Secret Santa Fanfic Exchange in 2011.

I totally forgot to post this up in my journal after it was released. Hahaha. Well~ It's not too late to share, right? XD Was quite pleased with this fic.. I had 3 different drafts for the exchange and decided this was the one. LOL. Okay, enjoy~

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