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-A Different Screen; Kyujong/Youngsaeng, Kyujong/Jungmin | 491 | PG | After the show, Kyujong makes his move.
-Soundless Voice [Original]; Hyunjoong/Kyujong | 560 | PG |

Super Junior
-This was the life they lived; Sungmin-centric | 287 | PG | Because on this stage, they were all pretenders.
-Addicted; broken!Yesung/Sungmin | 354 | PG | Sungmin is addicted.
-#96 "I like you. I like you. I like you."; Yesung/Sungmin | 495 | PG | Sungmin wants to confess, but Yesung is a step ahead.
-Alien Planning; Ryeowook/Kyuhyun | 420 | PG | Ryeowook begins to fear aliens.
-Mine; YeMin, friendship!KyuMin | 415 | PG | Yesung is jealous of fanfictions.
-Jealous; Donghae/Eunhyuk | 417 | PG | Eunhyuk's jealous during Singapore's second Super Show 3.
-Could Have; broken!Yemin, side!Minwook | 486 | PG | The many thoughts about their future that could happen fills his mind every day.
-Obvious Affections; HyukMin | 378 | PG | Hyukjae worries about their obvious affections towards each other in front of the cameras.
-Sick; HyukMin | 439 | PG | In which Sungmin is sick and Hyukjae comforts him.


-Our Distance; Kyujong/OC | 1508 | PG | What happens when an angel meets a human after a long time?
-Motivations and Habits; Hyunjoong/Hyungjoon, Kyujong/Youngsaeng, Kyujong/Jungmin | 1216 | PG | Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
-Soundless Voice; Hyunjoong/Kyujong | 1050 | PG | Hyunjoong and Kyujong goes on a date in the park.

Super Junior
-Eleven things Sungmin regrets and the one thing he doesn't; Yesung/Sungmin | 1715 | PG | The eleven things out of many that Sungmin regrets and the only thing he does not.
-Sungmin knows...; Sungmin/one-sided!Ryeowook, Kangin/Leeteuk, ninja!friendship!Kangin/Sungmin, slight friendship!Leeteuk/Sungmin, ninja!Yesung/Sungmin | 1283 | PG | Sungmin knows things but he doesn't show it.
-No Other[Sequel to Sungmin knows...]; Sungmin/Ryeowook, ninja!Kangin/Sungmin, friendship!Leeteuk/Sungmin | 956 | PG | Sungmin overcomes his denial.
-After 100727 SBS Good Morning show; Yesung/Sungmin | 2389 | PG | Sungmin is angry at Yesung.
-Can't Say I Love You; Yemin, side!broken!Minwook | 2865 | PG | Yesung wants to let Sungmin have a better life.
-Cake-ilicious; Haemin, ninja!Kyumin, ninja!Minwook, ninja!YeMin, Sungmin/OC | 651 | PG | When Sungmin doesn't bake a cake for Donghae, Donghae's jealous. When Sungmin pays special attention to others, Donghae's jealous. What will it take for Sungmin to notice the him?
-To His New Love; broken!Sungmin/OC, YeMin | 2653 | PG | The result of Sungmin and Yesung getting together.. is a girl's broken heart.
-Belief; HyukMin, friendship!YeMin | 759 | PG | Hyukjae learns to believe.
-Jealousy; KyuMin, HaeHyuk, friendship!HyukMin, friendship!HaeMin | 1779 | PG | Donghae and Sungmin gets jealous and decide to take revenge.
-Never Gone; past!HenMin, HyukMin | 1475 | PG | When Sungmin loses himself in sadness, he temporarily forgets that Hyukjae will always be with him.
-The Unique Retail Store; HyukMin, bestfriends!HaeHyuk | 871 | PG | Hyukjae has a crush on a regular customer who comes every Thursday.
-Friends; HaeHyuk | 2102 | PG | Donghae gets tired of their relationship and breaks it off. Hyukjae pretends it's okay.
-Boyfriend and Fanservice; HyukMin, bestfriends!HaeHyuk | 806 | PG | Hyukjae is unhappy with Sungmin's choice.
-Forever and Always; YeMin | 2783 | PG | Yesung met with an unfortunate accident.
-Of Hesitations and Uncertainties; HyukMin | 2131 | PG | In which Hyukjae and Sungmin are idiots... Idiots who are hopelessly in love with their best friend.

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