February 26th, 2011



Title: Cake-ilicious
Theme: #52 Cake
Pairing(s): Haemin, ninja!Kyumin, ninja!Minwook, ninja!YeMin, Sungmin/OC
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Rating(s): PG; 651 words
Summary: When Sungmin doesn't bake a cake for Donghae, Donghae's jealous. When Sungmin pays special attention to others, Donghae's jealous. What will it take for Sungmin to notice the him?
A/N: Believe me when I took a long time to finish this. I started my fic for Kyuhyun's birthday but didn't complete it until recently - so I added an extra character for my birthday. LOL. I can't believe I actually tried to write myself a birthday fic. Hmm. XD

On a side note, SJM's album is released today!<3 [It's still 25th because I haven't slept yet! =p]

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#68 Mine

Title: Mine
Theme: #68 Mine
Pairing(s): Yemin, friendship!Kyumin
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Rating(s): PG; 415 words
Summary: Yesung is jealous of fanfictions.
A/N: Well.. What can I say? I was bored and I wanted to write Yemin and poof, this is the result of it.

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