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New Year at friend's

Today was awesome. It's the first time I visited a friend during the new year. ^^ Met Shi Hui, En Qi and En Ning unexpectedly while on the phone with Amelia. That girl was seriously late. The three of us were guessing who would reach first - Annabel or Amelia. Turns out that Annabel said she'd meet us there. Tsk.

We saw Haziq and Guan Wei at the interchange, too. XD They took the same bus as us, LOL. Arrived and saw Carrie and Sheena. Went in together.. and when we were going to the elevator, Carrie closed the door on En Qi, En Ning, Shi Hui, Annabel and Amelia. LOL. Super funny. XD Jia Le had to go out of the lift to open the door for them again. Hahaha.

Derrick opened the door for us. =] Guan Wei and Haziq remained outside though. When the rest came, we lounged at the couch before Jia Le jokingly suggested to play mahjong. Apparently everyone took his word for it and we shouted "YESYESYES". LOL. We(I mean the girls) totally rushed to the mahjong table to snatch a seat. XD

Sheena sat down first, then me, then Carrie and Annabel. XD However, turns out Sheena was a beginner and the player changed to Shi Hui after the first round. ^^ Played a few rounds and then Justin came. It was a surprise to what he wore. LOL. The clothes were really nice. XD Anyway, after that Jonathan came. Hmm. While we played mahjong, the rest were playing black jack. Hahaha.

Then Justin took over Shi Hui. That guy.. =.=" He keep saying he don't know how to play, but he keep winning. Psh. Evil guy. But he does know how to play. =] After that when Jia Le took over him, he sat between Jia Le and Annabel and guided her. We were like, 'play yourself la!', because seriously, she knows how to play. >.>

I won about two rounds? LOL. My cards were niceeee.. But no one threw them, sigh. At least there was once where I had a limit card! ^^ Hehe. Super fun even though I didn't win.

Soon after, Justin left. Oh, before that, Amelia, En Qi and En Ning left the place. LOL. ;x Anyway, Jia Le took over because Shi Hui didn't want to play. XD Keith came and it turned out that he knocked into a lamp post and broke two of his front tooth. =/ Ouch.

We were playing until Jenniefer arrived and continued playing until us girls left the place. LOL. I went to my aunt's place for dinner while the other girls went to Carrie's house. Sigh, I wanted to go too! =/

Anyway, it was rather fun. ^^ Perhaps we should play a full round next time, yeah? Haha!
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