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#60 Could Have

Title: Could Have
Theme: #60 Could Have
Pairing(s): broken!Yemin, side!Minwook
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating(s): PG; 504 words
Summary: The many thoughts about their future that could happen fills his mind every day.
A/N: Written during the visit to my aunt's place. The characters are chosen.. Because I've let my favourite person suffer too much, and Yesung should know better than to not chase Sungmin. D: And because Minwook deserve some love. On a side note, I hope you guys don't kill me for angst again. >.<

Yesung stared at the couple sitting not too far from him. He felt his heart clench at the sight of them cuddling and, for a moment he thought ‘It could have been this way with us.’ He frowned then, pushing the insolent thought away and tried to avert his gaze. However, he felt some sort of attraction towards the couple, pulling his attention to them. He sighed, closing his eyes momentarily in defeat.

As he looked at the scene of Sungmin and Ryeowook huddling together, he felt jealousy gripping his heart. It could have been him instead of Ryeowook, snuggled together in bliss, whispering cheesy lines to each other and exchanging secret glances from time to time. But no, he had to stop it all, had to break up with Sungmin because of his fear of falling too deep.

How he regretted it. He wished he could turn back the clock, push aside his fear and remain with the person he loved the most. It had hurt when he found out that Sungmin had moved on, that he had found another while Yesung was still wallowing in self pity. Why he did not patch things up with Sungmin and pursue him when he was miserable was unexplainable. He could have gone against his pride and begged Sungmin to go back to him, and avoid the heart break he was feeling now.

Nevertheless, it was futile because there was nothing he could do at the moment. It was all ‘could have’ and not ‘it is’, and there was not a thing he could do to change that fact; for Sungmin was very happy with his life at present and he didn’t want to be the one to destroy it.

He sighed again, his knuckles clenched together as he walked away - away from sight, and away from Sungmin.


Dear Jongwoon,
I love you. I wonder when I’ll stop thinking of all the ‘could have’s I could have with you, but right now, I’ll forget about it all and be happy the way it is. I won’t forget the times we had, for it was no doubt the happiest memories I have with you.

However, I’ll push aside the things I wanted to have with you and stay true to Ryeowook... You know him right? He’s your junior in your major. He was the one that helped me through my darkest times and I really do love him so much.

My love for you will never change, but I’m positive Ryeowook’s the one for me.

I’m contented the way it is, and I hope you’ll find your happiness too... It’s just a pity it can’t be me...

I love you,


Dear Sungmin,
I love you, too. I’m really glad for you, but I won’t be happy if it’s not you.

The ‘could have’s still occupies my mind, and I can’t seem to get it out of my head.

I wish you were still here beside me, but it’s too late, isn’t it?

I love you,


A/N: Sungmin's letter was sent to Yesung, while Yesung's letter was not. ;x That's why Yesung's letter was cancelled out. =] Hope it clarified some things. =]
Tags: fanfic/pairing: minwook, fanfic/pairing: yemin, fanfic: angst, fanfic: drabble, fanfic: one-shot, fanfic: romance, fanfic: ryeowook, fanfic: sungmin, fanfic: superjunior, fanfic: yesung

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