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Title: Friends
Pairing(s): HaeHyuk
Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama
Rating(s): PG; 2,102 words
Summary: Donghae gets tired of their relationship and breaks it off. Hyukjae pretends it's okay.
Author's Note: Unbeta-ed. Haven't written in such a long time.. I feel as if my flair is not there anymore. Hmm. Not quite happy with this either. Feel free to comment about it though ^^


"Hyukkie," Donghae started with a serious tone as he lounged on the couch next to Hyukjae, his arm resting behind the latter. "We've been together for 3 years... And it's getting kind of..boring for me.. I don't think I can continue doing it.. Let's break up."

Hyukjae visibly stiffened for a moment before sparing the brunette beside him a glance and gave a small smile, "Sure, why not? I kind of felt the same way, too."

"Great! We can continue living here as friends then," Donghae said happily, bringing his arm down to give the other a side hug.



Donghae was never one to be tied down by a relationship - being with Hyukjae for three years was already an amazing feat for him. Then again, it was not difficult for their relationship to last that long, especially since they got together when they were still schooling in an all boys' school.

It was tough to not date when attending an all boys' school. You wouldn't seem to fit in without having a partner by your side. It was surprising though, that Donghae had been the one who confessed to the blonde, and he had sincerely meant it when he said he loved him. Hyukjae was all feminine curves and shy gestures, a total ideal type for him. He was the epitome of his perfect other half and was very soft spoken. Donghae had loved him dearly when they got to know each other. However, despite that, now that they've broken up, he couldn't help but feel freer than before. He could court and flirt with girls openly and enjoy the life of a Casanova. He still believed he was straight after all, and what he had with Hyukjae was nothing but an infatuation.

As celebration of his new found freedom, Donghae headed off to a nearby pub for some leisure drinking. Well, that and to flirt with some girls. He was pretty lucky though, since he immediately spotted two young and beautiful girls sitting at the corner of the bar. Confidently, he walked over to them and gave them a winning smile.

"Don't mind if I join you? I offer special services," he grinned, winking playfully at them.

The girls giggled and nodded, gesturing him to take a seat.

"What services are you talking about, oppa?" One of them asked mischievously.

Donghae laughed, "Whatever service you want, I can provide it."


Hyukjae shoved the key into their front door and unlocked it, letting out an unmanly squeak of surprise as he saw a young woman with only a towel wrapped around her body in front of him.

The woman spared him a glance before turning to whoever was in front of her, "Oh oppa, your friend is back."

He heard some shuffling before Donghae appeared with his bare torso. "Oh, Hyukkie. I thought you were coming home late today?" He questioned, cocking his head to the side in wonder.

Hyukjae shrugged carelessly, "Yeah, but it got postponed to next week so I came back earlier."

"Oh. Sorry Hyuk, I wasn't expecting you to be home so soon..." The brunette trailed off, unsure of how to handle the situation.

The blonde shrugged again as if he couldn't be bothered, "It's okay, I'll just watch a DVD.. With the headphones on."

Donghae grinned at the implications of his words - Hyukjae always seemed to know how to resolve his situations. "Thanks Hyuk. Sorry again.. You should bring someone home too, Hyukjae. You know, to find someone suitable. I wouldn't mind."

Hyukjae nodded, flashing a tentative smile, "Yeah sure, I'll do that some time."


"Hey oppa! Look! A gay couple.. Wow it's the first time I'm seeing such a couple before my eyes."

"Where?" Donghae asked monotonously, scanning the vicinity but finding nobody.

"There! That couple who just came out of the hotel."

Donghae turned in curiosity, only to widen his eyes in shock. 'Hyukkie?!'


Donghae barged into the apartment as soon as he got rid of the girl who was with him. Striding over to the other who was washing the dishes, he slammed his palms on the table and demanded roughly, "Who was that guy!?"

Hyukjae raised an eyebrow, not bothering to look behind him as he continued washing. "What guy?" He asked dismissively.

"That guy you were with outside The Sapphire Hotel!"

"Oh, you saw me?" Hyukjae said carelessly.

"Who was he?!" Donghae demanded once more.

"Just a student from my seminar. Met him a couple of times and I wondered if he swung the same way as me. Turns out he was, so we just hanged out together."

"Same way?! Heck Hyukjae, you didn't tell me you went that way!"

Hyukjae smirked, finally turning around to face the other. "Yeah well, apparently you changed my body's preference and now I am."

Donghae ran a hand through his hair in frustration. "Why couldn't it been a girl? God, if you wanted that, you could have told me-!"

Hyukjae frowned at his words, "Why should I tell you? We are just friends, aren't we? I'm just hanging out with a few different people now to pick out the best one later, anyway. "

He placed the last dish away on the rag and stepped out of the kitchen. "I'm tired, I'll be heading to bed first," he said, leaving behind a speechless Donghae .


To say Donghae was surprised was an understatement. Hyukjae had disliked the idea right from the beginning, if not for his persuasion and endurance in wooing him, the other wouldn't have accepted him as his boyfriend. Donghae had been the one to initiate everything - from the first time they held hands, to their first kiss, and to their first love making. Hyukjae had always been the shy and submissive boy who couldn't beat Donghae's determination.

He could still remember vividly their first time - Hyukjae so plaint under him, begging him to stop one moment and to go faster the next. His moans were heavenly to his ears, the little sounds his lover made brought him to a heightened sense of pleasure. He especially loved Hyukjae moaning his name.


With a jerk, he shot up and took in his surroundings before realising he was in his room. He brushed his hair in frustration.

A soft groan was heard and a sleepy voice sounded from beside him, "What's wrong, oppa? Had a bad dream?"

He turned to his left, stricken, before he gave a smile and nodded. "Everything's fine. It was just a dream. Go back to sleep."

The girl nodded as he lied down once again, forcing himself to drift off to sleep. Everything's not fine if all I can think about is Hyukjae...


Donghae stuffed his hands in his pockets as he walked home, wondering if he should invite Hyukjae to a group date as an attempt to force him to be interested in girls. It was his fault after all, so he should be responsible for deterring him from his preference.

As he unlocked the door, an onslaught of moans and groans reverberated through his ears. He stood at the doorway, stunned, before he slammed the front door shut and ran to Hyukjae's room.

"Hyukjae!" He shouted, knocking on the door urgently.

"Hyukjae! Open up! Who's in there!"

The moans stopped for a moment and he could roughly hear a deeper voice asking who it was that was so noisy. He couldn't exactly hear what Hyukjae’s reply was, but he was quite sure he heard "flatmate".

He continued knocking the door endlessly despite the moans getting louder and Hyukjae's breathy words of "harder" and "faster" echoing through the walls.

After several tries, Donghae eventually slumped down the wall beside the room's door in defeat. Hyukjae was inside the room, with another man... Another man.. That wasn’t him. Just the thought of it sent a chill down his spine and he knew he didn't like it.


The door finally opened after what seems like an hour but felt like an entire day to Donghae.

"Oh, this is the guy who was pounding at the door like there was no tomorrow and bothering us?" He heard the deep voice said.

Hyukjae chuckled, "Liar. It got you off, didn't it?"

The other man laughed, "You could tell? Having someone listening in turns me on."

Donghae snapped up at that, standing up abruptly from the floor and grabbing onto the taller man's collar distraughtedly.

"Whoa!" The man exclaimed as Donghae threw a punch at him.

"What the heck is wrong with you?!" He shouted as he kneed the shorter in the stomach. Donghae fell over, clutching his stomach and gasping in pain.

"What, is he your man?" The taller demanded, eyeing the brunette on the floor with disdain.

"I told you, he's just a flatmate," Hyukjae responded emotionlessly.

"That's why I have no idea why he's mad."

He turned to the man on the floor, squatting down to be leveled with him. "You were the one who told me I should feel free to bring someone home, so I don't know what you're angry about... " He trailed off, before continuing as an afterthought, "But if you're feeling jealous, then you deserve it, jerk."

His voice cracked at the last word as his tears began to flow freely down his face. "You deserve this, you bastard. It's a taste of your own medicine.. For making me suffer.."

The stranger rubbed his face in despair, "What is this, a lovers' squabble?" Then with a roll of his eyes, he strode out of the door.


Hyukjae flinched visibly, turning around and entering his room once again. He threw his suitcase onto the bed and began taking out his clothes frantically.

"Hyukkie!? What are you doing?!" Donghae shouted, grabbing onto the smaller male's wrist in order to stop him.

"Shut up and let me go! I'm leaving!"

"Leaving..?" Donghae echoed, his grip on the other loosening just enough for Hyukjae to break free.

"I've had enough! Pretending to be fine with breaking up like you were, pretending to be fine with you bringing girls home... I can't do it anymore! I'm done here! If we're going to break up, then be absolute about it! Don't even let us stay as 'friends'!"

Hyukjae was crying now, his tears falling uncontrollably as he tried to wipe them away with no avail.

Donghae stood in shock for a moment before stating firmly, "No. No, you can't leave!" He launched onto Hyukjae, grabbing him by the waist and holding him to himself tightly.

"Let me go you idiot!"

"No! No, we're not going to break up and separate. Even if we're not lovers anymore I'll stay beside you as a friend-"

"Why!? Why are you so selfish-!" Hyukjae cried, his arms falling limply to his side in defeat.

"Because we can't go back to being lovers right!?" Donghae exclaimed, his own eyes starting to get teary.

"What.." Hyukjae gaped, confused with the way Donghae was acting.

"Even I know.. I understand how cruel I've been.. You can't possibly forgive me and we can't go back to being lovers... So.. Even if I will only be a friend, I want to stay beside you, Hyukkie... Don't leave me. Hyukkie please, don't leave me."

Donghae clutched the smaller male tightly, as if afraid of letting go. He buried his head into the blonde’s hair, inhaling the strawberry scent the other always had.

"If you let me stay beside you, then one day I'll say it again... I'll tell you I love you and ask you to be my lover again..." He mumbled, tightening his grip on the blonde even more.

Tears streamed down the blonde's porcelain cheeks as he murmured, "You idiot... How can the word 'friends' make me stay..? Say it... Tell me. I'll accept it, so-"

“I love you, Lee Hyukjae,” Donghae murmured softly, giving a quick peck on the shorter male’s temple.

With tears still flowing down his face, he snuggled even more into the other’s chest and wrapped his arms around his waist. “I love you, too, stupid Lee Donghae.”


( Donghae hovered over the other who was sprawled on his bed, blonde locks fanning the pillows and cheeks flushed. He buried his face into the blonde’s neck and inhaled his beloved’s scent before he frowned and looked into the brown orbs of the shorter.

"You've got another man's scent on you... Be prepared Hyukkie, I'll have to remove all traces of that off you,” Donghae grinned, an obvious glint in his eye.

Tags: fanfic/pairing: haehyuk, fanfic: one-shot, fanfic: romance, fanfic: superjunior

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