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Boyfriend and Fanservice

Title: Boyfriend and Fanservice
Pairing(s): HyukMin, bestfriends!HaeHyuk
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Rating(s): PG; 806 words
Summary: Hyukjae is unhappy with Sungmin's choice.
Author's Note: I'm super happy I finally wrote HyukMin based on the Malaysia Showcase. Honestly, I wanted to write a similar fic about the same question during their Taiwan longstay, but I procrastinated and then the muse flew away. Oh well. Next time, maybe.

Hope this fic is enjoyable ^^


Hyukjae’s face turned dark the moment they stepped back into their dressing room backstage. He was furious. No doubt he understood the need for fanservice and all, but really, he was expecting Sungmin to choose him as his boyfriend if he was a girl. Honestly, he had always chosen him in the past, but why didn’t he now? Hyukjae tried not to show his unhappiness and masked it all behind a smile on his face for the cameras and fans – and had even raised his hand to Sungmin for a handshake and goofed around – but since the cameras or fans were no longer there, he didn’t find the need to pretend any longer. He sulked, picking up his phone and dropped himself onto the couch in the room.

He was just about to play a game on his phone when the other members started coming in after going to the washrooms and buying drinks. Henry was about to go over and sit with him until he noticed the gloomy aura emitting from the said man. Raising an eyebrow, he went over to Donghae who was talking to Sungmin and nudged the guy. Donghae turned with a quizzical expression just as he pointed to the depressed man. A look of realization dawned on him and he chuckled, heading over to his best friend and patting him on the head before sitting down.

“What’s up with you? All gloomy after a successful showcase,” Donghae said as he took a sip of his canned drink.

“Nothing,” Hyukjae pouted.

The younger chuckled, offering his drink to which Hyukjae rejected with a shake of his head. ‘Well, if it’s something to do with the boyfriend question earlier, just talk to him.”

Hyukjae frowned. “Of course it isn’t... I’m not that petty.”

Donghae raised an eyebrow skeptically. “Yeah... sure.”

The older pouted, “Yah! Anyway, he should be the one to talk to me, not the other way around.”

“Hyukjae, you’re behaving like a girl.”


“Seriously. I think I made a wrong choice choosing you. I’ll be more like the man than you.”

“Hae!” The blue head whined before adding, “But I’m not the one acting like a five year old everyday!”

“Still,” Donghae deadpanned, “I am mature when it needs to be.”

Hyukjae huffed, crossing his arms, “Fine.”

“Now, I’ll call him over and you have a talk, understand?”

Without getting a reply from the said man, he got up and went over to Sungmin and backhugged him.

“Sungmin hyung.”

Sungmin turned to him in surprise, “Yeah Hae?”

“You should talk to Hyukkie. He’s getting all sad and whiny because of you.”

The older man laughed, “I know. It’s cute though. I love it when he acts this way. And are you trying to make him feel worse by hugging me?”

Donghae grinned, “You’re so smart, hyung. It’s fun. Anyway, don’t you think you should talk to him now?”

Sungmin pouted, “Can’t it last a bit longer?”

“No. As much as I love to see the adorable side of Hyukkie, as his best friend, I don’t exactly want him to see him so gloomy.”

“Fine... neither do I.”

When Donghae finally released him, Sungmin went over to the dejected man and rested his head on his shoulder.



“Awww... don’t be like this! It was just fanservice,” Sungmin said with a voice full of aegyo.

“Your cuteness isn’t going to get you out of this. And you’ve always answered it differently in the past!” Hyukjae rebutted furiously.

“You didn’t pick me either,” the shorter man reasoned.

“You didn’t pick me first,” he said childishly with a pout.

“Well... Honestly, they asked who I wanted to date... so yeah...” The older trailed off.

“What!” The latter exclaimed, moving his body away from the deadweight that was Sungmin.

He made a move to stand up from the couch, but the black head immediately lifted his legs and straddled him. The older smiled sweetly as he wrapped his arms around the other’s neck.

“Let me finish! They asked who I wanted to date, and honestly I almost said it was you, but I thought again and I realized...” He lowered his voice into a whisper and positioned his mouth to the younger’s ear.

Hyukjae beamed at those words, fully showing his gummy smile.

“Happy now?” Sungmin grinned.

“You really mean it?”

“Of course! Now, you’re supposed to give me a kiss.”

Hyukjae grinned and pecked the older’s lips quickly. Sungmin frowned at the shortness of it, but blushed when his boyfriend slid his arms around his waist and said quietly, “There’s more to come when we get home.”

He hit him lightly on his back, but at that moment, his words were the only thing that registered in Hyukjae’s mind.

“You’re the one I wanted to marry. Especially if I were a girl.”
Tags: fanfic/pairing: hyukmin, fanfic: eunhyuk, fanfic: fluff, fanfic: one-shot, fanfic: romance, fanfic: sungmin, fanfic: superjunior

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