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Obvious Affections

Title: Obvious Affections
Pairing(s): HyukMin
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Rating(s): PG; 378 words
Summary: Hyukjae worries about their obvious affections towards each other in front of the cameras.
Author's Note: Inspired by High Society with Super Junior. Honestly, it made my day... and fueled my desire for fluff. Be warned though, it's unbeta-ed and I took only 18 minutes to write this drabble. =/ And it's extreme cheesy fluff at it's fullest. =x I can't help it.

It can be a sequel to this or it can be a standalone. It's up to you since it doesn't make much of a difference. ^^



“Min, don’t you think we’re making this way too obvious?” Hyukjae asked hesitantly.

The shorter male raised an eyebrow in question. “So you’re complaining now? Wonder who was the one that got so jealous about me not choosing him to date.”

The black haired male gaped at the other as he was rendered speechless. “No, I didn’t- I’m not complaining! God knows how much I want to expose our relationship and declare to the world that I’m dating the most perfect beauty ever, but I can’t. Honestly Min, you don’t think we’re too obvious in showing our affections? Heck, we almost kissed in front of the camera! Who knows what scandal might come out now...”

“Hyukkie, believe me, the fans would just think of it as fanservice. I’m pretty sure the local public would, too. After all, it’s a variety show and we’re meant to do things like that. Although... I’m sure you realized our lips actually did touch, right?” Sungmin grinned, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

The taller male rolled his eyes before sighing in defeat as he leaned against the wall. “I can’t ever win you, can I?”

“Of course not. You give in to me too much,” the other purred while walking over to wrap his arms around the younger’s neck to which Hyukjae had automatically wrapped his arms around his own waist. The stronger male nudged him closer and buried his face into the space between his neck and shoulders. He felt the other breathed in deeply, and nuzzling him at the same time. Letting out a small laugh, he tightened his grip as he hid his face into Hyukjae’s chest, “That tickles, Hyukkie.”

“You’ll get used to it in a few seconds,” came the muffled reply.

Sungmin resisted the urge to roll his eyes before pulling away slightly.

“You know... I initiated what happened earlier so~ shouldn’t you give me a proper kiss now?” He teased playfully, a bright twinkle evident in his eyes as he stared into the dark orbs of his lover.

Hyukjae grinned, pulling him closer to him again and leaned down, capturing his boyfriend’s plump lips and entrapping him into a sweet kiss. “I love you, Min,” he murmured against the other’s lips.

“I love you too, Hyukkie.”


HyukMin 104

Gif is not mine, not sure where I got it from but if you know, let me know and I'll credit it.
Tags: fanfic/pairing: hyukmin, fanfic: drabble, fanfic: eunhyuk, fanfic: fluff, fanfic: romance, fanfic: sungmin, fanfic: superjunior

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