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Title: Sick
Pairing(s): HyukMin
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Rating(s): PG; 439 words
Summary: In which Sungmin is sick and Hyukjae comforts him.
Author's Note: Inspired by 191013 SMTown Beijing fanaccounts (and pictures) where Sungmin whispered into Hyukjae's ear during their introduction. You can't imagine my joy at that... Though I hope he gets well soon. :/


‘I’m so pathetic,’ Sungmin thinks as he lies on the bed with his arm over his eyes. It isn’t the time to be sick, yet he has a cold. Of all times it had to be now. God knows just how much he hates himself for this. With a sigh, he attempts to prop himself up, but the sinking of the mattress stops him from doing so. Moving his arm away from his face, he blinks up curiously and found a worried Hyukjae staring down at him. He smiles weakly and before he even tries to get up again, the latter holds him down lightly.

“You should rest, Min,” he says as he brushes a few stray strands of the older’s hair away from his face. “It was bad enough you had to perform, attend a concert, and worse – be overseas when you’re sick. What’s more to say all at the same time... Be good and rest, okay?” Hyukjae says softly as he cups the other’s face and rubs his thumb over the skin gently.

“...I feel bad,” Sungmin croaks out after a few seconds of silence had passed.

The younger smiles at him fondly, “I know. That’s why I’m here to make you feel better. You can’t help it, Minnie. It’s not your fault, so don’t berate yourself for it.”

The former frowns, “It’s my fault for falling sick... and on such an important day, too! I feel terrible having to lipsync and having you help me deliver my messages to the fans...”

“I’m quite happy about that though,” Hyukjae chuckles lightly, “I like it when you’re dependent on me. You’re always so independent that it’s rare for you to lean on me even though I’m your boyfriend. Not to mention, it was a good kind of fanservice, too – and I could be as close to you as I want on stage.”

Pouting, Sungmin curls his hand into a fist and punches the other on the arm while the other grins at him in response. “It’s true though. I love it when you rely on me,” Hyukjae says as he bends down to drop a kiss on his forehead, “But enough said, you should get some rest now. I’ll watch over you until you doze off, okay?”

The older nods with a soft smile and proceeds to snuggle into Hyukjae’s side, while the latter wraps his shoulder with his arm. “Sweet dreams, Minnie. Get well soon,” he whispered, pressing another kiss onto the former’s temple. “I love you,” he hears the other murmur quietly before his breathing slows to a pattern.

“I love you too, Min. Sleep tight.”
Tags: fanfic/pairing: hyukmin, fanfic: drabble, fanfic: eunhyuk, fanfic: fluff, fanfic: romance, fanfic: sungmin, fanfic: superjunior

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